Meditate with Urmila: Reaching your emotional targets

In my last column, I spoke about ‘the curve’, which was a metaphor for difficult, challenging situations in life that one faces. In this article, I will talk about the emotional targets and then continue with the second part of ‘the curve’ in the coming week’s column. What are emotional targets? Just as you keep physical, tangible targets to map out your achievement levels, you can keep emotional targets too to see your progress on the emotional...

Thanksgiving is disrupted in 2020. What now?

The dilemma about what to do about Thanksgiving this year is reflected back to me hour after hour in my work as a family and couples therapist. My office is like the Butterball hotline but with the focus on get-together angst during the pandemic rather than turkey roasting. If you hacked into my Zoom sessions, this is a representative sampling of what you’d hear: “What if this is the last Thanksgiving with my 92-year-old mother and she could...

Every woman is influential and inspiring in today’s world

On Tuesday, the BBC released their pick of 100 of the most inspiring and influential women and suddenly the world was abuzz.

Duchess of Sussex says compassion can help overcome heartbreak

The Duchess of Sussex has urged people to be more compassionate in their day-to-day lives.

Shahd Al Jumaily: Style with substance

UAE: How to support your wife when she is pregnant

Listen up chaps, it’s not difficult to be supportive if you want to be. First of all, you need context for how your wife is feeling when she's pregnant. Imagine you’re doing an Ironman. With jetlag. And maybe food poisoning. While carrying a medicine ball. For nearly ten months. In a pandemic. Now we’ve established that pregnancy is rarely the glowing celebration of femininity we’ve all been told, you need to know how to best treat your wife....

Beat the winter blues with Milano Water Heater!

Winter is just around the corner in this part of the world, and it is no surprise that it brings along its own side effects. A nice warm shower is all one needs to beat these winter blues! Danube Milano has a wide range of water heaters in terms of sizes in both vertical and horizontal installation types starting from 10 liters up to 100 liters. All our products have a 5-star rating for energy consumption and are certified by Emirates Authority...

The 30 Show: A Reminder That Dreams Don’t Have An Expiry Date

By Scoop TeamVia Instagram With all of our plans and dreams staying on hold during 2020 and what it brought with it from a global pandemic and an economic recession, everyone is terrified of what’s to come. Therefore, people are now cautiously calculating every step and decision in their lives and careers. If we put 2020 aside, there is a substantial challenge that faces individuals who are turning 30. Everyone is afraid to approach their 30s,...

A cat is said to be joining the Bidens in the White House

Washington: When he was running for president, Joe Biden said it was time for a pet to be put back in the White House. First it was announced that Champ and Major, the German shepherds belonging to the president-elect and future first lady Jill Biden, would roam the White House. And now, after an absence of more than a decade, a cat is set to also join the ranks of presidential pets, Jane Pauley of “CBS Sunday Morning” reported on Twitter on...

Tiziana Terenzi Launches Nautical Inspired Fragrance Collection

Tiziana Terenzi Launches Nautical Inspired Fragrance Collection, Sea StarsExploring the precious treasures and lost beauties of the sea Tiziana Terenzi Launches Nautical Inspired Fragrance Collection e7awi

Maison Alaïa Revives Signature Styles in a Sensational Performance

By Scoop Team To launch the Maison Alaïa Editions, an artistic performance hosted by Naomi Campbell and featuring dancer Hajiba Fahmy was done as an expression of Alaïa’s modernity and elegance. It included nearly 20 looks that highlight Alaïa’s mastery, his magical tailoring, and signature designs. As a tribute to his innovative spirit of its creator, the performance was broadcast live on Instagram, from one of the most unique locations in...

'She's so beautiful': Bindi Irwin shares ultrasound of 'active' baby girl

Bindi Irwin posted an adorable video of her and husband Chandler Powell reacting to watching their daughter's ultrasound.

The world’s most expensive bag has been created with an important message

With hues taken from the history of art, this luxury handbag brand is an ode to exceptional craftsmanship and a […]

Jessica Kahawaty strikes a pose in Valentino campaign

Lebanese-Australian model Jessica Kahawaty also recently launched her own F&B concept. (File/ Getty Images) Short Url DUBAI: Lebanese-Australian model Jessica Kahawaty has joined regional stars in promoting Valentino’s latest fragrance, Voce Viva, taking to social media as part of the #myvoicemystrength campaign. Kahawaty is featured alongside fashion gurus Laila Abdallah and Leena Al-Ghouti, who also took part in the...

Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness honour children's cultural differences

Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness always make sure to honour their children’s cultural differences, including roots in Bosnia and Mexico.

Gigi Hadid praises Halima Aden for speaking her truth

Model Halima Aden recently made the brave decision to open up about how the fashion industry, at some points, has […]

Duchess of Cambridge jokes about toddler tantrums

The Duchess of Cambridge has joked she'd like to "ask the experts" how to deal with toddler tantrums.

Duchess Catherine: We need a more nurturing society for children

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, wants to help build a “more nurturing society” for young people, which she believes will result in “happier, healthier children”.

Anne Hathaway: Motherhood is more than a challenge

Anne Hathaway admits motherhood is "more than just a challenge".

Check Out Twitter’s Most Influential Arabs of 2020

By Scoop Team 2020 was a tough year for everyone, but there were many influential figures and people who had a positive impact on their societies. Yesterday, Brandwatch released its annual ranking list of the most influential people on Twitter in 2020. Brandwatch measures how influential an account is based on the level of engagement it creates. The most obvious change from last year was that musicians were the most influential characters on the...

5 Tips and Tricks to Grow Your Beard Faster

By Scoop Team Although a lot of men wish to keep a bearded look, not all of them are blessed with good facial hair. One of the most common misconceptions regarding growing the beard is that your facial hair grows as fast as the hair follicle on your scalp. While your facial hair follicle develops when you are a fetus of only 5 months, the facial hair growth is triggered only when you hit puberty and your hormones become active. The two hormones...

A new pet playground has opened up at Vida Emirates Hills

Head for The Hills! Pet-owners, are you on the lookout for a new spot to surprise your pet? Well, Vida Emirates Hills in the tranquil and leafy Emirates Hills neighbourhood has some barking great news that’s certain to get plenty of tails wagging. If you’ve been to the hotel’s gin bar, Juniper, you know that […]

Ask the Therapist: My boss is harassing me at work

Your boss does not have to like you, but he needs to maintain a professional demeanour and accept good work when you deliver it

Retro charm: Neo-vintage watches inspired by Seiko's first diver

For a generation of watch enthusiasts, Seiko represents the rabbit hole that lead them down the esoteric world of mechanical diver’s watches. Affordable and sturdy, examples like the now-discontinued Ref. SKX007, the ‘Samurai’ and ‘Turtle’ have helped Seiko build a cult-like following in the watch community. This year the Japanese brand celebrated the 55th anniversary of its first diver’s watch – the legendary Ref. 6217-8000 ‘62MAS’ - with the...

The Sartorialist's Scott Schuman on His New Book and the New Rules of Men’s Style

Scott Schuman is a true fashion legend. His long-running blog The Sartorialist is a living document of how global style has evolved over the last 15 years, the most memorable images of which have been bound and printed in four beautiful coffee table books. His latest, The Sartorialist: MAN, is an ex

Duchess Catherine's charity work will have a 'long-term impact', expert says

Duchess Catherine’s “influential” work with improving the life of young children is likely to have a “long-term impact”, according to an expert in the field.

Halima Aden on how modelling made her compromise how she wears her hijab

To say Halima Aden has broken down barriers in the modelling industry would be an understatement, she’s also given a […]

Getting Involved in the Return of the UK Gardening Boom

Gardening has always been an important part of our lives in the UK, but recent years have led us to a new golden, or green, age. Helped through longer hot seasons due to climate change, UK gardeners are making the best out of a bad situation by turning to their yards. The benefits from this pursuit aren't just visual and psychological either, contributing an estimated £24.2 billion to the national GDP in 2017 alone. In other words, if you have...

The skincare brand that gives you the perfect canvas

If you want to offset your fine jewellery pieces to perfection you’ll need flawless skin. 111 Skin is the surgically […]

Men Wein: A Platform Celebrating Identity And Mixed Cultures

By Marina Makary Today, it’s almost impossible to meet someone who has lived their whole life in one country. Whether it’s the country of origin or country of residence, it’s very rarely one place. Silvia Armanious is a 27-year-old girl who was born and raised in Dubai, currently lives in New York City, and has Egyptian roots, although she never lived in Egypt. Because she was going through an identity struggle due to the cultural mix that she...

Win six months’ worth of LEGO DUPLO sets for your toddler

When it comes to shopping for your little one, the trick is finding the right balance between a gift that appeals to them and one that goes beyond fun and games to truly stimulate their minds in all the best ways to help them grow. The LEGO Group has a line of products that can help you achieve exactly that – LEGO DUPLO. Wait – what is LEGO DUPLO? The name DUPLO comes from the Latin word duplus, meaning double – apt, as LEGO DUPLO bricks are...

Meghan Markle reveals 'unbearable grief' of suffering miscarriage

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, has opened up about suffering a miscarriage of her second child. “I knew, as I clutched my firstborn child, that I was losing my second,” she wrote in the emotional first person account for the New York Times. The former ‘Suits’ actress, who has son Archie with Prince Harry, recounted what she experienced in July. “I felt a sharp cramp. I dropped to the floor with him in my arms, humming a lullaby to keep us...

'Love at 50 Paces!' plays out on Zoom

Life viewed from a distance can provide much entertainment. In Cerise de Gelder’s production ‘Love at 50 Paces!’ one glimpses at the ups and downs of a 35-year-old trying to find love. The latest dramatization of the plot – which plays out on November 28 on Zoom - is an international project, with members scattered around the globe. Gulf News caught up with director Sabiha Majgoankar ahead of the 6pm show to talk about the relevance of it, why...

Prepping your child to help during a medical emergency

The perfect time to equip your child to respond in an emergency? During a pandemic, of course. It’s never been more important to give your child the tools they need to be able to react if something were to happen to you or anyone else, in the home or outside. A little training and briefing on emergency situations can help minimize the impact of an emergency on the entire family, and equipping children with appropriate first aid knowledge can...

Queen Elizabeth's Christmas bubble

New rules in the UK, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, prohibit more than three households celebrating together so Queen Elizabeth has been forced to call off her usual large family gathering.

Lebanese painter Zena Assi breaks down her work ‘My City on the Egg’

Portrait of Zena Assi by Gilbert Hage. Supplied Short Url BEIRUT: I’ve been working on the theme of Beirut for the past decade or more. I like to show, as much as I can, what’s happening on the political, social and personal side and put them all on the same scale. The Egg was built by Joseph Philippe Karam in 1965. It had a lot of potential as an iconicbuilding, but it was never finished because of the civil war. Its...

The best of bespoke – MKS Jewellery

November’s – ‘The Fine Jewellery Issue’ – Download Now HH Sheikha Mariam bint Khalifa bin Saif Al Nahyan, founder of MKS […]

The sweetest photo of Gigi Hadid with her daughter has just been posted

To say we can’t get enough of Gigi Hadid thriving in motherhood would be an understatement. The supermodel has begun […]

There's no vaccine for infodemic — so how can we combat the virus of misinformation?

'The information environment is polluted; we need to clean it up' - UN's Melissa Fleming. Photo courtesy Kayla Velasquez on Unsplash By Robin Pomeroy & Alexander CourtGENEVA — What is spreading across the globe, can be passed on unwittingly from one person to countless others, is potentially deadly, yet can be stopped if everyone takes the right steps?Misinformation.Heard of the miracle cure for COVID that the mainstream media doesn’t want you

12 of the best deals to take advantage of this Black Friday

While the holiday shopping season might be in full swing this month, there are an avalanche of Black Friday Sales, […]

6 leading Arab jewellery designers that need to be on your radar

November’s – ‘The Fine Jewellery Issue’ – Download Now We speak to six leading Arab jewellery designers about founding their brands […]

Duchess of Sussex suffered miscarriage

The Duchess of Sussex has revealed she tragically miscarried her second child in July.

10 Things You Should Avoid Buying on Black Friday

Raise your hand if you’re planning to go on a shopping spree this Black Friday. Oh! That’s a lot of hands! Well, not to burst your bubble, but you don’t usually end up saving the most on that day. For instance, a lot of products are sold for a cheaper price by the end of December or even in January. Therefore, we want to help you by listing 10 things you should avoid buying on Black

The biggest fashion event in the MENA region is coming to Dubai

The MENA region’s biggest fashion event, Middle East Fashion Week, is coming to Dubai in the spring of 2021.Organized by Middle East Fashion Council, the region’s biggest fashion event will bring more than 20 fashion designers, showroom zones, fashion forums and trunk shows for five days

Getting women to feel confident in their bodies

Back in 2010, a heavily pregnant Kate Kikano was in desperate need of comfortable lingerie. She went around the malls in Dubai, looking for the right fit, but to her despair she was instead poked, prodded, and laughed at. At the fifth mall Kikano gave up and went home in tears. “I ended the day quite despondent, then I got mad,” says the Dubai resident. Kate started talking bras to practically every woman she met and quickly realised it wasn’t...

Two Egyptians Make It On BBC's "100 Inspiring Women" List

Two Egyptians made it on BBC's "100 Most Inspiring Women From Around the World" in 2020, their list which highlights those who are and have been making a profound difference, driving change, and providing a level of stability during these chaotic times. Nadeen Ashraf, the founder of "Assault Police", and Maggie "Mama Maggie" Gobran, who dedicated her life to helping Egypt's impoverished children, were the two Egyptians that made the list. Other...

International Fashion Week in Dubai draws the city's elite fashionistas

Organisers said it was the first fashion event to be held non-virtually in the city.

How literary salons can enkindle a love for reading

Throughout history, literary salons were regarded as captivating, refined, and important venues for artists and writers seeking to make their works timeless. For example, the literary salon hosted by Madame de la Sablière during seventeenth-century Paris was considered a distinguished cultural centre at the time and attracted a number of prominent writers and scientists. As the wife of the Venetian doge during the fifteenth-century, Giovanna...

Halima Aden aims to become the first representative of Somalia at Miss Universe

Halima Aden recently made the brave decision to speak her truth about how she had to make compromises in the […]

COVID-19 saliva test for children – where to get it, how much will it cost?

Dubai: Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has introduced a convenient option for getting children tested for COVID-19 by launching the saliva test for those aged three to 16. If you would like to get your child tested for the novel coronavirus, here is all you need to know. What is the saliva test? Instead of the nasal swab test, which takes a specimen from the uppermost part of your nose and can cause slight discomfort, the saliva test takes the...